Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Two Nights of Baking Cookies

As I think I have mentioned before, Ristow LOVES baking cookies. We do the store bought dough, because it is faster, roll it out with some flour and cut out shapes with our plethora of cookie cutters. Then, of course, we have to decorate them before they go into the oven and then wait impatiently till they are done. It is a highly valued family project that means the world to the little man.

So, last night Mommy and Ristow made cookies. We delicately cut out our snowmen and bells and had a great time with the sprinkles. Saving Daddy a cookie when he got home from work. Ristow was proud of his accomplishment and was so excited to show them off. It was wonderful sweet time together.

Tonight it went slightly different... tonight Ristow and Daddy made cookies together while Mom made dinner. Now Ristow and Dad making cookies includes things like Homer Simpson references every time they had to roll the dough (DOH!) and lots of grunting and laughing at silly jokes. It was amusing to watch, but just reminded me how different men and women are, and how important that time with Dad is. Even if I tend to roll my eyes when they high five each other at their bodily functions. I am always thankful for family time together.


misti said...

an awesome easy, cheaper recipe:
1 cake mix (whatever flavor)
1 egg
1/2 c oil
1/4 h2o
add whatever u want
bake at 350 for 10-12 min

so yummy and so easy...may even b stiff enuf to use cookie cutters. kids loved frosting them this past wknd.