Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Fudge Maker

For many years, my mom has carried on a long tradition of fudge making in my family. It is absolutely great fudge. Her fudge is widely known by family and friends who request shipments of it for Christmas around the country. It makes appearances at Christmas parties, cookie exchanges and dad's work. Once you've had it, you'll eagerly await the next holiday season just to have it again. Now, she will tell you there is nothing special, it is just the recipe on the back of the marshmallow jar, but don't be fooled.

This week I have been learning the art of mom's fudge and I have come to understand that it is no mere recipe, it is a beautiful expression of love. Now, of course, I made a little fun as she was showing me the exact way to stir and the exact way to spoon in the ingredients, but when I strayed from the formula the fudge balanced on a slippery slope. She truly has a certain way that everything has to go that make the fudge come out just right.

This year there is a new flavor, chocolate peanut butter layered. yum yum. The only trick is that both flavored batches need to be ready to pour at the exact same time. This is how I got into the game. I was in charge of the chocolate and am proud to say that it passed the test.
I know the importance of passing down family traditions and I am thrilled to be learning the art of fudge. I have much practice ahead of me and all I can say is I hope that when it is my turn to take over the tradition, mom passes down the infamous pan and the magic spoon in her will. ;)


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Hi Christy! Your mom has been telling me all about your blog and I found it on facebook today. That fudge is delicious, and I know that it is a major process to get just right! I love blogging and reading others blogs, so if you don't mind I will follow yours:o) Merry Christmas!