Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our New Cookware Is Here!

Yesterday it finally arrived! Our Americraft cookware. We went to the Home Show a few weeks ago and we sat down at the cooking demonstration. Normally, Christopher and I don't fall prey to fancy talking and demonstrations to buy things. (At least I like to think we don't) But this was different. Here was a product we could actually stand behind and believe in. Anyway, if you have seen our pots and pans lately, you will understand.

It is American made, waterless cookware. It should, if used correctly, be a healthier way of cooking for us. What sold Christopher was that Ristow couldn't get enough of the vegetables that the chef had cooked up in front of us with no water and no seasoning. They were so delicious, even better than steamed veggies. Anyway, I am not here to sell you on our cookware. Only to say that we as a family are excited to be aiming to eat healthier and enjoying cooking more.
I am so excited to be trying more recipes and expanding my family's palate.

Yum Yum Yum!

Monday, February 23, 2009


This past weekend Christopher took Ristow to his first Monster Truck Ralley. Our friends Michael and his 4yr old Christian went too. I made sure to send enough earplugs for everyone, though I'm sure the tough dads never thought they would be using them too.
From the reports from Christopher and Ristow, it seems like ALL the boys were excited and amazed at the mammoth trucks and their capabilities. And as expected, it was LOUD!

When Ris was telling me the story about it, he talked about "Bigfoot" and the crushing of cars, motorcycle tricks, a truck that flipped over, and the climax of the story went like this....
"and SUDDENLY my earplug fell out! Dad had to put it back in!" phew. Tragedy overted!

It is funny which parts of the experience are important to different people. Christopher didn't even mention the earplug incident in his telling of the story. ;)
How true though, what is important to one can be inconsequenctial to another. It was fun to hear the story from each of them and I feel like I can put a better image in my mind from the mixing of the two stories. I can see the trucks, the overalls and camo baseballs caps, the flames coming from the engines, and most importantly the dramatic earplug rescue!
Glad the boys could have such a fun boys night out!

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Little Cowboy

Ristow is growing into such an amazing little boy. I know, mother's biased opinion.

We just recently started a new behavior chart with him to help eliminate the time outs and increase the positive behaviors. We gave him some simple tasks..... get dressed, brush teeth, show respect, say please and thank you, and stop whining. Well, maybe not so simple all the time. After three days he has done relatively well, with some prompting ofcourse.
He is super excited about it and loves to see the smiley faces go up on his chart.

Now, with the getting dressed part, I have had to bend a little and give up some of the control with what he wears, since he is doing it himself now. The cowboy outfit was actually for a party he had at school last week, but another outfit he chose recently consisted of his dinosaur pajama shirt and tan pants. Then, another day, he chose plaid dress pants, his spiderman t-shirt and a white vest. At least he has not wanted to wear his batman costume to school yet, but I am sure that the day is coming. I just smile and try to laugh, hoping that other moms know what I am going through and won't judge me for what my son is wearing.

Whew, that kid over there has on a construction hat, pajama top and rainboots....makes me feel better!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Fish #2

Well, last week we decided through much begging to let Ristow get a pet fish. We ended up with a Beta fish named Dorothy. Unfortunately Dorothy died last night which we thought would be very difficult for Ristow. Christopher called him over this morning and explained what happened to Dorothy. Without missing a beat Ristow says "ok, guess I'll get a different pet."

Great, that was easy, or so I thought. Apparently Ristow thinks that when a pet dies you get to upgrade to a newer and more fun pet. On the way to the Pet store he now is asking for a bird, dog or cat. After saying no to those, he disappointedly asks for a hamster, "those are small" he says.
We settle on a different color Beta fish and are on our way, As the fish lady calls out after us to remind us NOT to put seashells in the tank this time.
We will see how long this one lasts. Wish us luck!

Grandpa's 80th Birthday Surprise

This past weekend was a Paul family reunion of sorts. My Grandpa Paul is turning 80yrs old and so a surprise party was organized for him up in Ohio. It was so wonderful to see my cousins and aunts and uncles. It was great and Grandpa was really surprised. Ristow had a great time playing with Kyle who is 6 and it was really neat to see a number of my younger cousins looking after Ristow. Here are a few shots of the family.
Grandpa's kids and their spouses
All my cousins (except two)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Beautiful Weekend

The "eating" of the toes, as Ristow squeals with a mixture of fear and delight!

You could tell Christopher was glad to spend great time with his parents.

We were blessed to have a weekend of sunshine and 60 degrees to start off February with. Christopher's parents visited with us and we had a wonderful time. It was nice that we could spend great time outside while they were here. We went to the park per Ristow's suggestion, then enjoyed lots of laughs during the Superbowl party. I am thankful that they came down to visit.