Monday, July 21, 2008

Family Vacation

We just returned from a week in Destin, Florida. This was our second time there. It was just the three of us, Ristow, Christopher and I. Ristow is at such a great age right now, we had a blast. We took Ris on his first boat ride, a dolphin watching cruise. He keeps telling everyone all about it, and always mentions the fact that the dolphins did NOT do any tricks. But he enjoyed it none the less. We made our way between the beach and the pool and back numerous times a day. Lots of fun and relaxation was had by all.

What I think I loved most of all was seeing my family enjoying time together and knowing how special it is to all of us. Ristow thrives on time with Christopher and I thrive on seeing my boys laughing and playing together. I am so thankful that we were able to take that time and make great memories.

First and Foremost

I have read many other people's blogs and have felt such a part of their lives by reading them, seeing pictures and getting glimpses into their lives. I have loved it. But I realize that my connection to them has been somewhat onesided. I am caught up on their lives but they are lacking in information about my own. When it is difficult to make the phone calls and take the time to really let the people you care about in on how and what you are doing, a blog allows them to check in on you, see what is up. It gives them a glimpse in the window of your life.
Windows offer a chance to see other people and connect from a distance when up close and personal isn't possible. You can see pieces of their lives, sometimes it is beauty, sometimes sorrow and sometimes just the frustrations of life pouring out. My hope it that i am able to open the blinds to the things in my life that I want to share with the people I care about.

get ready as I open the window.......