Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Costumes

By now you have realized that my son LOVES costumes. Anything from Spiderman to Dr. to Firefighter or Batman.
We have now reached a new level in which costumes are morphing into new creations.
This weekend we saw Batman-Cowboy-Knight-Rockstar combos, Cowboy Firefighters, and lastly and American Police officer Bonkers costume (whatever that is)

Ristow usually wants everyone around him to dress up in whatever costumes he can come up with for them too. Luckily his grandparents were willing to play too while they were here this weekend.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spud Night

Tonight we hosted a Loaded Potato Spud Night with some friends that we hadn't seen in a while. Each family was to bring a real Mr. Potato Head decorated and styled.
Here are the results......
Robot, Rockstar, Pig, Monster and Batman
We gave out prizes to all the kids and everyone had a blast.

Birthday #33

Thursday was my 33rd birthday and boy was it great! .
I had a fabulous workout before Ristow got up, then upon his arrival was wished Happy Birthday about a million times. He kept giving me random toys (from the playroom) for my birthday all morning long. Then out for a delicious lunch with a friend and her children. Christopher came home from work early and we spent a great afternoon together. I got to go pick out a new fire pit for our backyard for my present, one of my favorite family activities is sitting by the fire in the evenings! I also got a fun wheel of fortune video game that Ristow was amazed by. Then we had cake and ice cream (yes, before dinner!) with mom and dad and they even kept Ristow overnight for us. I had asked Christopher for a chocolate cake with big chunks of chocolate on top of it (normally I give up chocolate for lent, so I was going all out this year), and boy did he deliver. Chocolate galore!
Christopher and I had a wonderful evening, walking around Target (we were too full from the cake to go right to dinner ;) and a fabulous dinner at Stoney River.
I had many birthday wishes and emails from friends and just felt truly loved this year. I am so thankful that I get to feel so celebrated on my birthday. I wish everyone was blessed as much, to feel so truly loved and cared for. What an amazing blessing! Thanks to all.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Worms Roxanne, Worms!

Today we visited some friends who have a creek behind their house. So exploring we went. On the bank of the creek floating boats, in the creek chasing after the boats, back to the bank to throw rocks and then came Ristow's favorite activity. The Worm Hunt.
My friend Wendi had little critter containers for us to store our treasures. I have never seen Ristow pick up and play with worms before. He did pretty good and was so excited when we lifted up rocks and there were actually worms under there. Until I had him pick up the second worm and it decided to squirm. Ristow let out a squeal and dropped the worm. I got him to pick it back up and put it in the container, all the while laughing at the poor child. He then decided that two worms were plenty and he would just collect leaves and dirt instead for the worms to play with. He named them Hermie and Termie and luckily they stayed at Wendi's house and we just brought home one of the boats! What a fun day.

Monday, March 9, 2009

At The Lake


Ristow is forever making up new and different games that he wants you to play with him, the difficult part is knowing the rules and figuring out the right way to play, which of course the mom ALWAYS does wrong.
Last night Ristow made up a surfing tag game (he dug out the boogie board from the shed). You had to run and chase him and along the way jump on the board and pretend to surf. Well, then he wanted each of us to make up our own new game. Mine was circus performer tag, Christopher's was called you can't catch me space oddessy, my mom came up with hop hop turn around tag and my dad threw in football races. Needless to say, it was very interesting to watch everyone quickly come up how the games would actually work and then play them out.
We all had lots of fun, and again, I am sure the neighbors got a kick out of it. We have got to start playing more in the BACK yard!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Yesterday, I sent Ristow upstairs for some quiet time. I laid down to shut my eyes for a few minutes but could hear him up there playing the whole time. When he called down to me to ask if quiet time was over, I said yes but quickly remembered to ask him if he made a big mess in his room. Yes, was the reply and I told him he could come down after he cleaned it up.

A few minutes go by and I hear his door shut and he comes back to the top of the stairs. I ask him if his room is clean to which he responds "wellllllllllllll............I closed my door so you couldn't see it." I totally burst out into laughter, I could totally remember that logic as a kid and it just made me smile. I guess that logic has been used occassionally even now if someone pops in for a visit and certain rooms aren't picked up, I just close the door. How funny that I thought he was being a clever kid and he probably just saw me to before. wow, just thought about that right now.

After I helped him clean up his room, we moved right into another crazy moment as he locked himself in the bathroom (wanting privacy) and couldn't get it unlocked. I had to take the door knob apart, which he thought was rather cool, peeking through the hole.
It is never dull or boring with a 4yr old.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ristow's Day

Ristow spent his day yesterday being an astronaut in our homemade rocketship, and being a world famous photographer taking pictures of everything in the house (he was especially proud of his self portrait). Then he headed to explore the world while reading Poppy's book. Popcorn and a movie with Grammy and Poppy and a fun sleepover. Busy Day for Ristow


I have recently become amazingly aware at how important it is to recognize and seek out the things that stir your soul. God has made us all so unique and different, it is easy to start comparing yourself to others, but it is great to embrace those differences. Christopher and I had a date night last night and talked about all the differences we have as well as our similarities.
I have been comparing myself to others lately and feeling pretty disappointed that I didn't have the same types of passions or hobbies or goals, and wondering what it is that I do have.

Well, God, being so gracious, has shown me a number of things lately to remind me of what stirs me and makes me ME.
I love my family and the precious time I have with them, but time to myself is important too.
I love the tenderness God shows through tears.
I love the beauty of God's creation and the way the warm sun beats down on me warming me to the core.
I love the quiet...beautiful, peaceful, tranquil quiet
I love creative, bold, colorful Art, art that you can see the inspiration pouring out of it.

There are many other things that I enjoy and like to do, but so far these are the things that stir me. I hope that more will be revealed as I journey further down the road.
Oh yeah, and I love chocolate ;) dark, delectible, rich chocolate. mmmmmm

I would love to hear some of the things that stir you and make you who you are. What a creative and loving God we serve.