Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Candles? It must be a Party!

A few weekends ago, we were up in Ohio visiting Christopher's family. On Sunday we went to their church and as the music was starting we noticed that because the alter had communion sacraments on it, the normal alter candles that the acolytes light were on the piano. The acolytes went up and lit them and Jessica pipes up and starts singing Happy Birthday to the guy at the piano thinking of course it must be for his Birthday! She delighted the people around us 3 different times during praise and worship with her Birthday song.

This past week, we had an evening where the power went out and we pulled out the candles to light up some rooms around the house. It was out for a number of hours and most of that time was spent convincing Jessica that we were not having a Birthday party and there was no cake (which was kind of a shame :) and she couldn't blow them out since we needed the light.
Since the candles were still on the table the next morning, I did let her sing a couple rounds of Happy Birthday and blow out the candles a few time after breakfast!

I think that Happy Birthday is probably one of her favorite songs and my kids are both pretty much pros at singing it, if extended time spent on an activity is any indication of professional status ;)
So if you are in need on any extra Birthday cheer at your next party, know that the McClintock kids are always ready for a party, as long as there are candles! (and cake doesn't hurt either)