Monday, March 28, 2011

A Busy Start to Spring

Over Ristow's spring break we were able to take a few days and head up to the Great Wolf Lodge in Cincinnati for a mini family reunion with my brother and his family and my parents. It was such a wonderful time. The kids laughed and played together and loved the water park. It is funny how different it is when you grow up and spend the time playing with your kids at the water park and not so much time playing with your brother at the water park. But luckily we were able to put all the kids to bed in Mom and Dad's room one night and spend some time just us kids, I mean grown ups, hanging out as couples. I love hanging with Jimmy and Zan and had a great time.

My Birthday also fell during spring break and my wonderful husband organized a bunch of friends and family to go out line dancing at the Wildhorse. It was so much fun! It was the first year that the number I was turning made me feel like I was getting older. But at a fun night out, 35 felt pretty good!

We also had a chance to hit a Nashville Predators hockey game! We took Ristow and my Uncle Ed who was visiting and the four of us cheered and yelled and had a blast watching the Preds win.

So you can see, we have been busy and having a blast. I am truly thankful for my many blessing and the opportunities to spend time with the people I love!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Still as young as I pretend to be!

I went with Jessica to the Driver's License center today to get my license renewed and a new photo taken. Very important since the last one I got was 10 years ago and looks very different to how I look now. Well, unfortunately the Center was closed due to the computers being down, so we will aim for next week to say cheese for the camera.
Instead, on the way home, we stopped at a playground and enjoyed the beautiful weather and a snack. I was chasing Jess around the playground and having fun when I spotted it....The flip bar.
Now I know that is not the technical term for it but that is what I used to do on it, so that is what it is called. I slowly walked over to it and wondered...could I? should I? Will I hurt myself? and the most important question, Is anyone looking?. With Jessica close by picking up sticks, I propped myself up and flung over and around the bar and landed safely with both feet and the ground. My poor sunglasses that flipped off my head and across the playground were the only casualties. No one saw and really no one cares, but with my 35th birthday approaching this month, I walked a little bit taller afterwards knowing that I could still do it ;)
I can't wait till the day when Jessica is old enough for me to teach her to do flips on the playground ;)

fyi... if you google flip bar images, you don't just get playground images ;) you get people flipping other things too. Just a warning ;)