Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cold Morning Fun

This morning at 7:30 Jess puts on Ristow's winter buzz light year hat and heads for the door. She wants to play outside. We look outside and see the lightest dusting of snow and a few flakes floating through the air and everyone is sold on the idea of heading out the door to play. We bundle up still in our pajamas, in hats, coats, gloves and such and head outside. Since there is barely even enough snow to draw in with your finger (and it is only 25degrees) the fascination for Ristow quickly ends and after he has spent the obligatory 5 minutes outside he is ready to head in for Hot Cocoa. (why else do we go outside in winter if not for the warm yummy beverage awaiting our return to the house) ;)

Jessica on the other hand, has found a stick and is poking every leaf and blade of grass with a flake of snow on it all while singing Frosty the Snowman the entire time. Why play on the playground, run around the house and dig some more with the stick. After an hour and multiple nose wipes I finally convince her to head in side. Ristow has been waiting for his cocoa and asking when we are coming in every five minutes. I think she would have stayed out all morning if I let her.
We had lots of fun and are now all snuggled up watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and drinking our Hot Cocoa! Not sure which one is better ;)