Monday, February 21, 2011

Karate and More

Ristow sure knows how to make a Mom proud. Tonight he received his Jr Orange Belt in Karate. He is really enjoying it and is doing really well. I am so excited that he has found something that he can get into. Now comes the head gear and the sparring, should be interesting ;)

Now is when I take a moment and brag, now I know I kind of just did that, but Ristow is just so smart and I am amazed by him just about on a daily basis. (Between all of the ridiculous knock knock jokes that don't make any sense, of course)
He is doing above and beyond his kindergarten work and is reading, spelling and doing math wonderfully. He asks for more worksheets for me to print out for him to do. It is fun to watch his little brain work.
Tomorrow he gets to go to the State Capitol Building for his school field trip and he is super excited, mostly because he gets to brag that his Poppy built 70 of the windows for the Capitol Building but also because it is just cool. The most interesting place I got to go on a field trip was to the water treatment plant. ;)
I can't wait to hear how it goes and what new ideas it creates in Ristow's mind. I am sure it won't disappoint ;)

Smiling Again

The smiles that normally fill the McClintock household had been MIA for the last week. Jessica has been sick with throwing up and runny nose and the cough monster. After just four days of it and her not sleeping much I decided to be a "Good" mother and take her to the doctor. Of course, she didn't cough or sniffle one bit while we were there and her fever even broke just in time for them to take her temperature. Aaaargh, they looked at me and smiled and said "well she must just have a cold". I was soooo frustrated as I drove home listening to my child cough and hack the whole way home. What a lovely waste of time ;)

Now we are on day 11 of the yuck but with much improvement. No throwing up or fever and the runny nose and cough have lessened, and she is sleeping again for the most part!
But the best part of all is that she is finally smiling again. Last week she would cry all day long and now she is laughing and happy again! We have even been outside enjoying the warm weather.
We all ended up with some form of the yuck this past week, sniffles, runny nose, sore throat.
But now I am off to Lysol the entire house and hopefully keep us all healthy again.
I am very thankful that the smiles have returned!