Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We had a most blessed Christmas this year. While it was our first time as a family of four it was also our first Christmas just our little family at our house. We had a lovely time with friends on Christmas Eve day and enjoyed church in the evening. Then to have Santa visit our own house and put out cookies and carrots for him and then to see the presents in the morning was truly magical for my five year old son. This year Ristow asked Santa for an electric train set. He was so excited to see it set up around the tree Christmas morning. We had a relaxing day together playing and resting, it was great. We are thankful for Christopher's parents who were able to join us the next day and spend the weekend with us. We had a great visit with them. The last night they were here we spent at my mom and dad's eating a great dinner and watching our dad's battle it out playing Wii. It was a fun way to end our Christmas family time. We did however deeply miss those family that we were not able to see this year and plan on making every effort to see them soon. Much love!

That's My Girl.....

Jessica has had a number of baths now and is not really too fond of them. She squawks and cries and fusses around. But then I wrap her up nice and warm and hold her head over the sink to wash her hair (well her scalp more or less) and she relaxes into a state of bliss. Just like every other woman I know, she LOVES to get her hair washed by someone else. You know that great AHHHH feeling when you go the hair salon and they wash your hair for you and use that warm water sprayer. It is great. Well I was tickled to see my newborn relax into that same AHHHH state as I massaged her head and rinsed it with warm water. Some things must be born into us women, I certainly don't remember Ristow acting like that when I bathed him.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sweet Children

Today I am so thankful for my children!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

1st Week at Home

We have adjusted quite well to being at home. It has been a busy week, we bought and decorated our christmas tree with Christopher's parents here, got ready for christmas, adjusted to being a family of four now, had times of sleep and times of awake, lots of feedings, our first blow out diaper and to Ristow's amusement, been peed on while changing a diaper. Lots to enjoy and experience.
Tonight at dinner I had fed Jess and she was laying on the couch sleeping while we ate. She started fussing and Ristow looks at me and says "mom...Jessica is crying.... back to work, mom"
I couldn't decide between cracking up laughing and wanting to smack him ;) Luckily, Ristow has been very understanding and loving with Jessica and the time I spend with her right now. I promised him some mom time tomorrow just the two of us.

Here are a few more pics of my famiy and the time we enjoy in this life! Man, am I thankful!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jessica Elizabeth McClintock

We are so thrilled that our time of waiting is over...our sweet little Jessica has made her debut! Saturday morning at 3:36am she made her way into the world. At 7lbs even she was a cute little bundle that immediately delighted us. Less than 3hrs from start of contractions to her delivery made for a quick and wonderful experience. The hospital staff was amazing and supportive. And I am proud to admit that I was able to deliver with no meds, which for me in a pretty big deal! We had such a great experience and both were doing so well that we came home the next day from the hospital. While our first night home was rough, as with any new baby, I am happy to report that Jess has settled in quite nicely and we both had a restful night last night. Ristow has been so great with her and is so loving, it is wonderful to watch him care for her. What a great big brother! (untill she is old enough to get into his stuff, then we will see;)

We are so thankful to all of our family and friends that have been such a wonderful support to us during this pregnancy and now that she is here! We are truly blessed.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Ristow's 5th Birthday

My little boy is 5yrs old!
He makes birthdays fun! He is so enthusiastic and appreciative for everything, it just makes you smile. I overheard him as he saw the kitchen all decorated for his birthday "wow, this is the best birthday ever! God, thank you for how beautiful this all is!" I love that his first reaction to it was to thank God for it. It was an awesome prayer from a sincere heart.

Ristow got to take transformer cupcakes to school for his birthday and he wore a crown from burger king. His excitement poured out to everyone around him. Then after school Ristow got to choose where he wanted to go for his birthday dinner, the obvious choice for him was Snappy Tomato, a pizza buffet!
After dinner we opened presents and had ice cream! (the cake is for his kid party on saturday)
He played with his toys and built legos and had a great time.

And the best part for me was that no baby was born on Ristow's birthday! Ristow gets to keep his special day all to himself! Though, she can come anytime now, however, I would like to go to his bowling party on saturday. I know, beggars can't be choosers, but I like to at least pretend I have some control in this matter ;)
Happy Birthday to my sweet, creative, compassionate, loving boy!
I love you Ristow!