Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We had a most blessed Christmas this year. While it was our first time as a family of four it was also our first Christmas just our little family at our house. We had a lovely time with friends on Christmas Eve day and enjoyed church in the evening. Then to have Santa visit our own house and put out cookies and carrots for him and then to see the presents in the morning was truly magical for my five year old son. This year Ristow asked Santa for an electric train set. He was so excited to see it set up around the tree Christmas morning. We had a relaxing day together playing and resting, it was great. We are thankful for Christopher's parents who were able to join us the next day and spend the weekend with us. We had a great visit with them. The last night they were here we spent at my mom and dad's eating a great dinner and watching our dad's battle it out playing Wii. It was a fun way to end our Christmas family time. We did however deeply miss those family that we were not able to see this year and plan on making every effort to see them soon. Much love!


Elissa said...

Oh, I love her already! :) So glad for a wonderful Christmas with your beautiful family of FOUR! What a trip it has been to get to this moment. I love you, sweet friend.

suzannah said...

she looks so much like her big bro in the last pic!

does your hair curl like that naturally? it looks great.

missed you this year. can't wait to plan family fun spring weekend:)

we love the family pictures you sent. you are far more organized than i am! someday you'll get pics of our fearsome foursome:)