Thursday, December 10, 2009

1st Week at Home

We have adjusted quite well to being at home. It has been a busy week, we bought and decorated our christmas tree with Christopher's parents here, got ready for christmas, adjusted to being a family of four now, had times of sleep and times of awake, lots of feedings, our first blow out diaper and to Ristow's amusement, been peed on while changing a diaper. Lots to enjoy and experience.
Tonight at dinner I had fed Jess and she was laying on the couch sleeping while we ate. She started fussing and Ristow looks at me and says "mom...Jessica is crying.... back to work, mom"
I couldn't decide between cracking up laughing and wanting to smack him ;) Luckily, Ristow has been very understanding and loving with Jessica and the time I spend with her right now. I promised him some mom time tomorrow just the two of us.

Here are a few more pics of my famiy and the time we enjoy in this life! Man, am I thankful!


suzannah said...

she looks like ristow in that top pic! how sweet:)

"back to work, mom"...hahaha. at least he's acknowlegding it's work!

love you

Jon Daley said...

yay, congratulations!

maryann said...

How precious! Congratulations and God's blessing
on your dear family! It has been so long since we have
seen you. We need an extended family reunion. I love your long hair in the last pregnancy shot. You look
beautiful and well. Love to you all, Mary Ann