Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Worms Roxanne, Worms!

Today we visited some friends who have a creek behind their house. So exploring we went. On the bank of the creek floating boats, in the creek chasing after the boats, back to the bank to throw rocks and then came Ristow's favorite activity. The Worm Hunt.
My friend Wendi had little critter containers for us to store our treasures. I have never seen Ristow pick up and play with worms before. He did pretty good and was so excited when we lifted up rocks and there were actually worms under there. Until I had him pick up the second worm and it decided to squirm. Ristow let out a squeal and dropped the worm. I got him to pick it back up and put it in the container, all the while laughing at the poor child. He then decided that two worms were plenty and he would just collect leaves and dirt instead for the worms to play with. He named them Hermie and Termie and luckily they stayed at Wendi's house and we just brought home one of the boats! What a fun day.