Saturday, March 21, 2009

Birthday #33

Thursday was my 33rd birthday and boy was it great! .
I had a fabulous workout before Ristow got up, then upon his arrival was wished Happy Birthday about a million times. He kept giving me random toys (from the playroom) for my birthday all morning long. Then out for a delicious lunch with a friend and her children. Christopher came home from work early and we spent a great afternoon together. I got to go pick out a new fire pit for our backyard for my present, one of my favorite family activities is sitting by the fire in the evenings! I also got a fun wheel of fortune video game that Ristow was amazed by. Then we had cake and ice cream (yes, before dinner!) with mom and dad and they even kept Ristow overnight for us. I had asked Christopher for a chocolate cake with big chunks of chocolate on top of it (normally I give up chocolate for lent, so I was going all out this year), and boy did he deliver. Chocolate galore!
Christopher and I had a wonderful evening, walking around Target (we were too full from the cake to go right to dinner ;) and a fabulous dinner at Stoney River.
I had many birthday wishes and emails from friends and just felt truly loved this year. I am so thankful that I get to feel so celebrated on my birthday. I wish everyone was blessed as much, to feel so truly loved and cared for. What an amazing blessing! Thanks to all.


Elissa said...

Yay! I'm glad you had a great day. Let's make a pact - if we're not living anywhere near each other between now and birthday #40, we're doing something big together that year, ok?! ...I can't believe that's not as far off as it sounds...!! :)

Love you!

suzannah said...

yay for a happy birthday!