Monday, February 16, 2009

My Little Cowboy

Ristow is growing into such an amazing little boy. I know, mother's biased opinion.

We just recently started a new behavior chart with him to help eliminate the time outs and increase the positive behaviors. We gave him some simple tasks..... get dressed, brush teeth, show respect, say please and thank you, and stop whining. Well, maybe not so simple all the time. After three days he has done relatively well, with some prompting ofcourse.
He is super excited about it and loves to see the smiley faces go up on his chart.

Now, with the getting dressed part, I have had to bend a little and give up some of the control with what he wears, since he is doing it himself now. The cowboy outfit was actually for a party he had at school last week, but another outfit he chose recently consisted of his dinosaur pajama shirt and tan pants. Then, another day, he chose plaid dress pants, his spiderman t-shirt and a white vest. At least he has not wanted to wear his batman costume to school yet, but I am sure that the day is coming. I just smile and try to laugh, hoping that other moms know what I am going through and won't judge me for what my son is wearing.

Whew, that kid over there has on a construction hat, pajama top and rainboots....makes me feel better!


Elissa said...

Yeah, Jill's daughter, Carolyn, went weeks with wanting to wear her rainboots everyday. I think it was in the middle of the summer, too! :)

suzannah said...

he's becoming independent and exercising creativity, and that is awesome:)

Heather said...

Hi Christie, I work with your mom (she's so great..I just LOVE her!!!). Ristow is such a cutie...and that's from an "unbiased source"! I love that you're letting him choose his own clothes..I'm not so good at that with my kids :oP