Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our New Cookware Is Here!

Yesterday it finally arrived! Our Americraft cookware. We went to the Home Show a few weeks ago and we sat down at the cooking demonstration. Normally, Christopher and I don't fall prey to fancy talking and demonstrations to buy things. (At least I like to think we don't) But this was different. Here was a product we could actually stand behind and believe in. Anyway, if you have seen our pots and pans lately, you will understand.

It is American made, waterless cookware. It should, if used correctly, be a healthier way of cooking for us. What sold Christopher was that Ristow couldn't get enough of the vegetables that the chef had cooked up in front of us with no water and no seasoning. They were so delicious, even better than steamed veggies. Anyway, I am not here to sell you on our cookware. Only to say that we as a family are excited to be aiming to eat healthier and enjoying cooking more.
I am so excited to be trying more recipes and expanding my family's palate.

Yum Yum Yum!


Katie said...

It's so awesome that you guys invested in waterless cookware. I've had mine for six years now and it's my favorite thing - EVER! I actually work for a company that sells an American made brand as well - I write on a blog weekly with recipes specifically for waterless cooking - you will be amazed at what it can do! ( We also have cooking classes every month that we live webcast over the internet - feel free to join in live or you can watch them through the on demand feature - we have one from this past weekend on there and the recipes for it on the blog. Happy Cooking!
Miss K

suzannah said...

i have never heard of waterless cookwear--but am super-intrigued that it got ristow to gobble veggies! btw, that picture is ridiculous!

having new kitchen goodies is exciting--enjoy:)

Elissa said...

I will say it 'til the day I day - you guys make me smile!!! :)

Peter Tögel said...

And how much did that cost you both? I watched one of these shows a few times and I left after I noticed several lies in the presentation.

Christie said...

Well, a few weeks in and so far we love it. I have loved checking out new recipes for it and the veggies truly have tasted so much better.
Peter- it did cost us a pretty penny but we thought it was a good investment since we were needing to replace our stuff anyway. We know people that have used their stuff for 15 plus years. I would be interested in hearing what type of lies you heard. It is definitley taking us time to get used to cooking with them but so far so good.