Monday, February 23, 2009


This past weekend Christopher took Ristow to his first Monster Truck Ralley. Our friends Michael and his 4yr old Christian went too. I made sure to send enough earplugs for everyone, though I'm sure the tough dads never thought they would be using them too.
From the reports from Christopher and Ristow, it seems like ALL the boys were excited and amazed at the mammoth trucks and their capabilities. And as expected, it was LOUD!

When Ris was telling me the story about it, he talked about "Bigfoot" and the crushing of cars, motorcycle tricks, a truck that flipped over, and the climax of the story went like this....
"and SUDDENLY my earplug fell out! Dad had to put it back in!" phew. Tragedy overted!

It is funny which parts of the experience are important to different people. Christopher didn't even mention the earplug incident in his telling of the story. ;)
How true though, what is important to one can be inconsequenctial to another. It was fun to hear the story from each of them and I feel like I can put a better image in my mind from the mixing of the two stories. I can see the trucks, the overalls and camo baseballs caps, the flames coming from the engines, and most importantly the dramatic earplug rescue!
Glad the boys could have such a fun boys night out!