Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Season of Giving

Recently my sister-in-law Suzannah posted a blog about the Advent conspiracy, basically the idea of giving to those who really need vs giving needless things to those who don't. She said that really there wasn't anything that she needed for Christmas so the necessity for presents wasn't there. Instead she urged people to give of their time and love to one another. (Check it out for a better explanation)

Anyway, when she and Jim were down here for Thanksgiving, they gave me my Christmas present. Zan had made me a beautiful picture. It was something so simple and so heartwarming. I love it so much and really just feel a mixture of excitement and peace when I look at it. She took the time to do something that would mean a great deal to me and use it as my Christmas gift. I just wanted to thank her and let other people know how simple a touching gift can be, and not have to be bought. (By the way, the picture is a collage of pictures and cards that she has gotten, thoughtfully put together in this great display)


suzannah said...

you're so sweet, christie. thanks for appreciating a homemade gift:)

your family puts everyone else to shame when it comes to being thankful. i love the paul/mcclintocks!