Thursday, December 25, 2008

4yr Old Wisdom

While visiting Christopher's family here in Ohio, we were driving to Nana's house and talking with Ristow about relationships between the different people in the family. (like Grandpa is Daddy's Dad and Nana is Christopher's grandma) Confusing for an adult let alone a 4yr old.

From the back seat Ristow says " Nana is Daddy's grandma, where's your Grandma?". Caught totally off guard I tell him she is up in heaven with Jesus. The reply of " Is she dead?" brought unforeseen tears to my eyes. I tell him yes and he asks "Why is she dead?", luckily Christopher took that one and explained that God decided it was her time to join him in heaven. Ristow pauses for a moment and then looks at me and smiles. "Mom, I know, Nana can be your Grandma now!" With tears running down, I smile back and say yes Ristow you are right, what a great idea. I thank him and we get out of the car at Nana's house.

Christopher's Grandma was delighted at the story when we told her and made sure to give me an extra hug, full of the same type of Godly love my own Grandma would have given. I am blessed to have and to have had such amazing women love me and call me granddaughter.
Thank you Ristow for reminding me of my blessings.