Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Ristow's 4th Birthday

Wow! What a great birthday! Ristow smiled and cheered nonstop from the moment he woke up and wanted me to sing Happy Birthday to him, to the moment he went to bed with his new space flashlight. It was a very full day.

At school Ristow took in little packs of m&m's for his friends. His teacher said they sang to him once and he looked like he loved it so much that they decided to sing to him a second time.

After school, we packed up the cake and balloons and headed to pump-it-up, the inflatable party place. They provide the party room, ice cream, pizza, paper products and just about everything you need. It was so great and completely stress free for me. The first 30min the 8 4yr olds bounced and slid and jumped like there was no tomorrow! Then the next 30min we headed to the second bounce room for more fun. Then to the party room for pizza and presents. Ristow was in heaven as he stood there getting ready to eat rocketship cake with all his buddies singing Happy Birthday to him.
(Boy, does he love that song)

The staff was great and I was totally relaxed and had a fun time, Christopher and I even got to bounce! Who could ask for more?
At the end of the day, with the living room strewn with rocketship parts and birthday cards, I was so thankful for the 4yr old boy that God has blessed me with. His joy and excitement for everything in life is so infectious, he makes the people around him appreciate those things so much more.
Happy Birthday Little Man!


suzannah said...

oh my gosh, this looks like so much fun--i'm a little jealous! glad everything went smoothly and the birthday boy enjoyed himself!