Sunday, December 14, 2008


One thing I can tell you about Ristow is that when you talk about giving to people who have less than he does, his interest perks and he wants to do something right away.
When he got some birthday money, he talked about giving some to God and sharing some with other people. The other night he wanted to wrap all the presents he got for his Birthday so that he would have presents to give to his friends for Christmas.
Sometimes it is hard to explain things to him and get him to understand how giving and receiving work, but the desire is definitely there. I really want to take advantage of this giving attitude and let him do something that he can see and feel in his heart. We have put money in the salvation army kettle and he comes home beaming, talking about how he is helping kids who don't have anything. I am just trying to think of what else we can do that we really touch him. Any ideas would be appreciated.
I pray that all of you are touched this holiday season by allowing God to use you to share his love to those around you.


Lisa said...

It seems Ristow has his mama's big heart. We adopted a kid through Compassion when our girls were younger. Seeing the photo, writing and receiving letters/drawings, and sending money each month kept it a year round focus for them. There are lots of organizations with different $ amounts. Might be a fun thing for him.

suzannah said...

what a great kid:) i second the above comment.

at mops we made 3 banks for children, for saving, spending, and giving. i thought it was such a great way to teach kids to manage money and be generous.

(wow--my word verification is "unfed.") we are certainly, like abraham, blessed to be a blessing to those in need.

dylan loves her little play house--thank you! i got her more people for christmas:)