Monday, September 29, 2008

Like Father Like Son

I think it is understood that little boys watch their dads and try to do what they do and be like them. It is a good practice for development and helps them grow into men. I don't know if it ever stops though. This weekend we saw Christopher's parents and he and his dad were living up to this idea. Whatever one did, the other one tried just the same. It was pretty amusing. Christopher did a pull up on the playground monkey bars and then his dad had to do one. Christopher's dad climbed into the giant tree trunk and then Christopher had to join him. It mad me smile to see them together and to know that Christopher and Ristow will be the same way.

We all spent the night at General Butler State Resort Park in Kentucky. It was beautiful. In the summer they have mini golf, paddle boats, fishing, swimming, a cool train for the kids, tennis courts and a golf course. We were able to manage a ride on the train which Ristow loved. It was a wonderful little get away with Christopher's family and we all had a great time together.


Elissa said...

Look at you growing out your hair - I'm so proud of you :)
The rest of the fam' is adorable as usual as well!!