Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mommy and Daddy

Ristow has recently discovered that even though Christopher and I are his mommy and daddy, we also have our own mommies and daddies. This idea excites him very much. When Christopher's mom was visiting last week, Ristow said "Awww dad, you are so excited to see your mommy!"
Then tonight my parents took us out to dinner with them and when they came to pick us up, Ristow proclaimed "Mom! your daddy is here!" and "Tell your mommy hi!"
He is so funny. Everyday he comes up with some new realization that amazes me. Above is a picture of my mom, dad and brother. What a cute family ;)

When we got home from dinner Ristow had us all play hide and seek in the front yard. It was so much fun watching him get so excited, and ofcourse the neighbors walking down the street were moved to smile and laugh along with us. He truly reminds me to enjoy the small things in life and to not take the simple joys for granted. I am thankful for a fun Sunday with my family.


Elissa said...

I wanna play hide-n-seek with Ristow!!! :)