Monday, September 8, 2008

Last day before school starts

Well, school starts tomorrow and our days will be more committed. So today we took it easy, cleaned the house a bit and got out the little swimming pool of Ristows. It has a small inflatable slide and a big giraffe head on the other end. He had so much fun sliding and playing that we were in there for a few hours. Both of our feet were prune toes and his fingertips were almost unrecognizable because they were so shriveled.
Finally it was time to get out and I was bent over letting out the water and plop! sure enough my cell phone dropped into the water. Arrrrrgh! I grabbed it right away and tried to dry it out but to avail. So frustrating, and the fact that I depend so much on it makes me even crazier. Unfortunately, it is important and I will have to replace it. Oh well.
The funny part was that while Ristow was watching me try to dry it he says "mom, you need a Smart Clip!" All I could do is laugh and say " you're right buddy" For those of you who don't know, the Smart Clip is a clip for cell phones that they show on infomercials. That way you can hook it to your purse or belt loop and never drop it. Ristow has seen that infomercial one too many times I think. It comes on in between the cartoons on his favorite channel. Goodness!


Jon Daley said...

If you let it dry for a couple days, it might still work.