Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Girls Weekend

There is nothing like a weekend with the gals. This past weekend I met up with some of my old roommates from college. Every year there a number of us who get together and just spend time, good quality time together. We talk, we laugh, we talk some more. It is wonderful. This year we met in Ohio near Hocking Hills. There are lots of cabins and some great sights to see. These pictures are of Old Man's Cave and Ash Cave. It was beautiful weather and great scenery.

Getting together with people who have known you for longer than your current life stage can be very refreshing. Not only do they remind of your past but of things that were important to who you have currently become. They know you, and not the you that you pretend to be to people you just meet, but the real you. These girls have seen my joys, my sorrows and real everyday self. I am truly thankful for their friendship in my life and I cherish each of them. I am blessed to have a few other people that know me that well and I try not to take them for granted.

Laugh, Live, Love, Smile oh yeah, and hot tub whenever possible!


suzannah said...

yay girlfriends!