Friday, August 29, 2008

Quiet time or Destruction time?

As I turned off the water to the sink, I hear Ristow upstairs crying. He is supposed to be down for his quiet time (he rarely actually sleeps during this time anymore). I run up there and find that he has pulled his mattress off his bed, flung the blinds up and has blankets everywhere. I ask him what happened and see if he is ok. He says he bumped his head when he fell off the mattress. Now I ask if that is what he is supposed to be doing during quiet time. To which he replys "no, the bed was supposed to be a boat mom!" Oh, if only I had know that before.

Earlier today he was in the living room watching a little tv and I hear
"MOM! Its an Emergency!".
I go in there to find that the rabbit ear antenna had fallen off the back of the TV and the tv lost its signal. Goodness! We then had a long talk about what constitutes an emergency. Drama, Drama, Drama.
If these are the big catastrophes for the day, I think we are doing pretty good.

I am headed out of town for the weekend to hang with my girls from college while Christopher and Ristow play,explore and do whatever else they do together this weekend. I am lucky to have a husband that loves spending lots of time with his son. I hope to find them both in one piece when I return on Monday ;)


suzannah said...

sounds like an emergency to me;)

question--how well do the rabbit ears work for you, and how many channels do you get? right now we pay about 18 bucks a month for "below basic" cable--channels 2-13. do you get that many for free, or is it more like just a couple?

have fun with your girlfriends!!