Friday, August 1, 2008

The necessity for a SuperHero!

Ristow has just this week developed the need to wear superhero costumes.
Spiderman, Superman, Batman, LarryBoy, you name it and he pretends to be it. Blankets become capes and the whole house apparently needs to be rescued. He is the strongest, most brave hero ever, as he says and it makes me smile.
Many of his toys have become a thing of the past as the ability for pretend play flourishes. It truly is amazing to me how fast they change and all the excitement that comes along with it.

Oh no, Ristow has just called to me from upstairs during his naptime
" Mommmmm, come and see, it was an accident!" The words every mom dreads to hear.

SuperMommy to the rescue!


Jon Daley said...

I think Jonathan's super hero pretending might have started after seeing, "Princess Bride" (only slightly edited) he was often Wesley and assigning us different roles. There are currently four of us, and so we play the Incredibles often, (minus Violet, though Jonathan is reasonably convinced our new baby is going to be a girl - it popped into his head the other day that, "once the new baby is born, she can be Violet, and then we can be all of the Incredibles!"

He got a singing birthday card last year, and now sings the Superman theme song quite often. And continues to up the number of stairs he jumps off of, though he has hurt his feet a couple times, so hasn't gone higher yet...

Christie said...

That is pretty funny. It must be a right of passage for boys to pretend that way and become daredevils.