Monday, August 11, 2008

Super Ristow

I know I have talked about Superheroes, but today was the epitomy of SUPERHERO!

I got Ristow his Superman costume that he has been asking for for months. He was so proud of himself! He asks " What's the problem mom?!" in a superhero voice, waiting for me to give him a problem to solve with his super powers. I use this to my advantage and tell him problems like, "this toy needs help finding its home" or " I can't find my keys" and he dashes away to complete the task. Christopher also discovered that Ristow will eat his fruit and veggies when we tell him that they aid in super strength and other super powers. He will take one bite for each body part, boy do we milk that one as much as we can ;)

I hope this phase lasts. It sure is fun, even the part where Christopher and I wear capes with him, except ofcourse when he wants to save the world out in the front yard for our neighbors to enjoy!


Elissa said...

I LOVE it!!! And, I am very impressed with your sneakiness and must remember for when that time comes :)