Friday, August 1, 2008

A Trip to Ligonier

Last weekend we spent a wonderful time with my brother Jim, sister-in-law Suzannah and my adorable neice Dylan in Ligonier. They live and work at the camp and as such we enjoyed the many benefits of spending time together and enjoying the amenities of camp life. I got to zoom down the zip line, take Ristow on his first canoe ride, have a campfire, slide down natural waterslides and even let Ristow feed the horses at the barn. So great.
Unfortunately, Ristow got car sick 10 minutes before we got there and upon arrival poor Dylan was in the middle of throwing up. It was an eventful first day. Luckily things quieted down and the kiddos were back to normal.

I think what impressed upon me most was seeing Jim and Zan in the midst of summer life. They are constantly between the house and camp and taking care of Dylan. And yet they never seem to take for granted the enormity of their purpose there. They are there to minister to the kids and staff and draw them into a closer relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. What is great is how I see that displayed in all they do. They shine, even when sleep deprived and frustrated, they shine with a light that inspires me. I am so proud of them and the work they are doing for the kingdom of God. What a blessing it was to get to see a glimpse of that.
Hopefully we will get to see them again soon.


suzannah said...

thank you for the encouragement, christie. most days i feel more like a reluctant, grumbling servant. praise God for his great grace!

i look forward to our next visit when we can all really RELAX together!

suzannah said...

you updated these pics! would you email me the one of dylan?