Friday, September 19, 2008

Rocket blasters and Art

We like to keep some variety here on the McClintock homestead. Which isn't hard with a 3yr old. Today we have done everything from playing with rocket launchers in the front yard to painting pictures. The rocket launchers turn out to be a fabulous activity for a tired mom.

Here is how it works; I man the launcher and sit and put foam rockets on it. Ristow stomps on the blaster and launches the rockets around the yard. Then He (not mom) runs around and collects all the rockets only to do it again and again and again. It is great, except for the occasional rocket getting stuck in the tree. I managed to send up lots of sticks to keep the rocket company up in the tree. Finally my flip flop found super powers and flew up to rescue the rocket. That was how Ristow saw it anyway. It provided hours of fun.

We also have been creating masterpieces with the watercolors. Here are a few examples of our ART. Can you guess which one is mine and which one is Ristow's? Our artistic expressions also mixed into snack time. Our edible houses were a hit with Ristow. Yum Yum.

Whatever you do today, whether it be counting down to outerspace exploring or expressing yourself with color. Enjoy the beauty around you and know that there are so many ways to enjoy your day!


Elissa said...

You are an AWESOME mommy!!!!

suzannah said...

somehow i missed this post before. i love all your creative ideas! i second elissa--you are an all-star mom!

Christie said...

thanks, that means a lot to me!