Tuesday, October 7, 2008


This past weekend my cousin Dennis got married in PA. It also happened to be a time for the Ristow Clan to reunite. (Ristow is my mom's maiden name for those of you wondering where I got Ristow's name). Ris and I flew up to Buffalo and then had a limo take us to my aunt's house. The guy picked us up in the airport and he even had a little sign with my name on it! I have always wanted to be that person that was being picked up with their name on the sign! I know its a bit silly but it sure was fun.
Anyway, my mom was able to spend a wonderful weekend with her brother, sisters and cousins. It has been a number of years since everyone was together. It was great! The wedding went wonderfully and my Aunt Lee was a supurb hostess.

Christopher met up with us on Saturday evening, in time for the reception. He had just finished a century ride with one of his best friends in OH. He had a great time and was a champ!

I forget how much good it does my heart to be with family. What a wonderful weekend.


suzannah said...

that picture of you and ristow is fantastic!

and so stinkin' cute about love falling from the sky. a lovely, optimistic spin on a yucky day:)

that violet you gave us is blooming again. so pretty. thanks!