Friday, October 10, 2008

My Inner Ohioan

Yesterday after school we went to the Pumpkin Farm. One of Ristow's favorite places. They have pumpkins, of course, tractors, animals, a corn maze and all sorts of fun stuff. We really enjoy going there. But one thing got to me this year, the weather. Now, don't get me wrong, one of the reasons I love living in TN is the weather, but going to the pumpkin farm in 82 degree heat just seems wrong! My inner Ohioan seems to come out this time of year. I am ready for long sleeves, sweaters, hot cocoa; but all I get is extended summer with a few pretty leaves. I know soon enough the weather will be cold and I will be wishing for spring but it is hard not to miss the Ohio falls. The colors are a little more vibrant and the cool breezes kiss your cheeks on walks in the leaves. What great memories. No, I am not thinking of moving back, just enjoying reminiscing.

For all you northern folks, take a walk, breathe deep the smells of fall, take mental pictures and maybe I can live vicariously through you!


suzannah said...

cute pictures! well, it's warm here up in the north, too, now--in the eighties! this weekend is fort ligonier days--a big fall fest, and it did seem weird to be wishing for my flip flops!

Elissa said...

Oh, I feel ya, sister! We returned home to a welcome of 80 degrees!

Lisa said...

Things are supposed to cool off after today. The evenings have been cool and the trees are changing. My two trees in our front yard are completely yellow! Come visit! :)