Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dr. Ristow?

Lately Ristow has been totally excited about bones. No, not the halloween skeleton kind of bones but bones bones. X-rays, medical book diagrams etc. He loves to tell anyone who will listen about your skull and vertebrae, it is pretty funny. And lately, he wants us to read a book at bedtime that is all about the Mayo brothers, you know the ones who founded the Mayo Clinic? He is pretty amazing. He listens intently and really soaks up all the information. Future Dr in the making?
Three is such an inquisitive age. I really enjoy that part of 3. Like the other night, Ristow asked Christopher where poop goes once you flush in down the toilet. (the important questions in life) After, Christopher's explanation about the pipes and a cleaning plant, Ristow wanted to see the pipes. So downstairs they headed, Ristow asking questions all along the way. I was just impressed that Christopher had as many answers for him as he did.
Anyway, I hope that Ristow excitment for learning stays with him throughout his life.
If only he was this excited about listening when I ask him to get dressed or put his toys away ;)


Lisa said...

Where does the poop go?? Oh my goodness, that's hilarious! I love his inquisitive little mind. Keep reading to him - that's huge. Such a good mom you are Christie! Wish I could see you in action. :) I enjoy reading your blog.

suzannah said...

it's so great how much he loves to learn:)

Elissa said...

Lisa and Suzannah said everything I wanted to say...! :)