Saturday, October 18, 2008

Date With My Husband

Last night I was able to surprise Christopher (thanks to my mom and dad for watching Ristow) with a night out. Nothing fancy, just a nice dinner at a restaurant we hadn't tried before and some shopping. It was funny how a few hours of interfacing does so much good.
I love going out to eat with Christopher, not just for the mere fact that I love to go out to eat, but because we sit face to face and have conversation together. At home we sit next to each other most times, but not really face to face looking in each other's eyes and talking. Or when we do sit and talk, we hear "mom!, excuse me mom! " as Ristow pokes his head in front of my face to try to get me to talk to him and not Christopher.
So a night out is a good thing. It gives you time to have fun with each other, to laugh, to remember why you got married in the first place. Christopher and I have so much fun together and sometimes stress and home and family can cloud that memory. A night out helps us to be better connected, improves our communication and all in all allows us to be better parents.

Next month we are joining a babysitting swap, we watch all the kids for one evening and we get four date nights in return. Granted there are 8 kids (for 5 families) and that one evening may be a handful, but I am hoping that the benefits of 4 date nights will more than make up for it. We will be rotating through 2 date nights a month. It looks to be promising. I will keep you updated on that one. I am sure lots of good stories will come out of that one!

Have a great weekend!


suzannah said...

ooh--what a great idea!

i'm so glad you two had a night together--you deserve it:) i'm sure mom and dad and ristow loved their time together, too. win, win.