Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Week of Adventure

This past week Ristow, my mom and I went on a road trip. We headed up to PA to see my brother and his super cute family. We were able to break the trip up and stay with Christopher's parents on the way there, which was wonderful.

Once there Ristow was overwhelmed at how cool it is to be at Uncle Jimmy's and Aunt Zan's....
He loved eating up at the Dining Hall each meal and watching all the campers.
He loved getting to ride a horse for the first time and wanted to go over to barn each day and thank the horse for the ride.

He loved going to Idlewild amusement park with Grammy and riding tons of rides.

He loved getting a sherrif's badge and wanting to learn all about guns and gun safety rules from Uncle Jimmy.

He loved picking fresh lettuce from the garden and eating it on the spot, forget eating it for dinner when you can eat it right then and there.

He loved being with his cousin Dylan, chatting away in the back seat together on the way up to the dining hall. (I love that she is talking so much, so sweet)

He loved spending time with family that we don't get to see often.

He did not love having to leave.

It was quite the visit and Ristow keeps talking about when we get to go back.

On the way home we stopped again at the McClintocks and ended up staying 2 days since I was too nauseous to travel after the 1st night. Ristow had a great time hanging at the pool and playing with his Grandma and Grandpa.

He woke up this morning asking "mom, what are we doing today?" Resting, I hope!


suzannah said...

i'm glad you took your time getting back--and hope you're feeling better at home.

love that pic of ristow in the garden! we should have sent you home with a big bag of lettuce.

so good spending time with you:) xoxo