Thursday, June 4, 2009

Nicky the Oragami Crane

Yesterday Ristow got a new book in the mail. In the back of the book was a detailed picture of how to make an oragami crane. Ristow was beside himself with excitement and took the book and some paper with us to meet Christopher for dinner.
After we finished eating, the challenge was on. Christopher was a champ and knocked out the crane like nobody's business. Ristow loved it!
On our way out of the restaurant Ristow said that Nicky the Crane was going to be a Jet plane when he grew up. Not only had he named his paper crane but he had already developed hopes and aspirations for it! I love the mind of a 4yr old.

Though I wasn't prepared for the attitude and independence that faced me yesterday morning.
We went to our friends pool where Ristow was meeting two other buddies there to swim and play.
While he was waiting for one of them to finish getting ready, I said " Ristow, don't go in the house while you are wet" to which he replied " com'on mom, don't call me Ristow, call me Ris. I want to be called Ris!"

I think my mouth actually dropped open and I thought is this kid serious?
I guess he had to develop his own preferences for what he wants to be called sooner or later but it just took me be surprise. To him, it was a big deal what I called him in front of his buddies.

Today he reminded me of his preference with some serious tones and I had to use everything in me not to start laughing right then and there. This parenting thing cracks me up.


Elissa said...

I can't wait to spend just one day again with your sweet family!