Sunday, June 14, 2009

Space and Rocket Museum

Ristow has been such a champ with me not feeling well most days, so we decided to take a family trip and head to Huntsville to the Space Museum. It was AWESOME! Not only did Ristow think it was the coolest thing ever, Christopher and I thought it was pretty great too. I felt great and Ristow didn't whine once until we hit the parking lot to leave.

When you get there, you can pick up an experiment back pack to take through the museum with you. It had trivia, a toy rocketship and astronauts and cool experiments to do as you go. Ristow loved toting that thing around. I think the alkaseltzer rocket experiment was his favorite but it could have just been wearing the safety goggles that he liked best.

We even did the IMAX movie theatre and saw a film that the astronauts had taken from the shuttle. Very cool. At the end of the day we hit the gift shop where Ristow picked out a patch with a shuttle and Space Camp on it. Ofcourse he even had to wear it pinned on his shirt to church today. He is so proud of his "astronaut training". He will proabably be talking about it for days and days to come.