Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

This past Father's Day was wonderful. Christopher had a race that morning that Ristow and I went out and cheered for. Ristow loved watching his Daddy race and even got race numbers put on his arm and leg just like Dad. The race crew was even wonderful enough that during a break in the finishers, they let Ristow and Christopher run through the finishing shoot and across the finshline together. Ristow thought he was a champion. Not only that, but Christopher got third place in his age group and took Ristow up with him to get his trophy. I swear Ris felt like he was the winner.
(Great job Christopher! We are so proud of you)

Not only did Ristow feel like he was a major player in Daddy's race, he also felt like he deserved presents for Father's Day. The day before and the morning of Ristow says....
"I take good care of my stuffed animals, don't I? I read to them and put them in time out when they don't listen so I am a father to them, right?" " So, I should get something from them for Father's Day!" Good logic Ristow and tricky nonetheless. If only animals went shopping....

Well, he went on and on and on and Christopher and I didn't know what to say to that so we kept ingnoring the conversation. I eventually caved and since I had a new book hiding in my closest anyway, told him that his stuffed monkey had helped my to pick that book out for him for Father's Day. He was so thrilled and kept thanking the monkey.
You got me this time Ristow but I will not be falling for this trick next year ;)