Monday, April 11, 2011

We've Got Us a Climber!

When Ristow was little we hardly had to baby proof anything at all. He never climbed the stairs or the furniture or got into much of anything at all. Boy were we spoiled. Jessica, on the other hand, gets into EVERYTHING. Stuff that I never would have thought to baby proof, gets messed up and destroyed. If if is not locked down or up high, she considers it hers. Well the up high part has now become hers too. She has figured how to climb up on just about everything!
Yesterday I walked into the living room from the kitchen and found her on TOP of the piano. (and NO I don't have a picture of it) She pulls her little ride on pony in front of the couch and climbs up onto it and from there I discovered she climbs onto the side table. This girl is so adventurous and is not afraid of anything. It is going to drive me crazy! I can barely keep up with her.
Everyday with Jessica is a new challenge and a new joy. Lucky for her she is so stinking cute! :)