Friday, April 22, 2011

A Weekend In Boston

I was fortunate enough to be able to go with Christopher this past weekend to Boston to watch him run the Boston Marathon. We are so thankful for the family and friends that helped out by watching the kids for us making this possible!
So we left Saturday afternoon from Nashville and landing with horrible weather in Baltimore for a layover. 7.5hrs later we finally took off for Boston. Got to our hotel about 12:30am very ready for sleep. The next morning we headed to the lobby and met a great couple who was also there for the race. They were kind enough to give us a ride to the subway station with them and we ended up hanging with them for much of the weekend. It was lots of fun. We went to race registration and the expo then off to Fenway to get our first glimpse of the Green Monster.
What a great ballpark! Such character and atmosphere. We loved watching the game and the Sox even pulled off a huge win!

After the game I thought I would show Christopher around Boston, after all, I had been there once before about 13yrs ago :)
Well, I vaugely remembered seeing some big ships and the Boston Tea Party Museum when I was there last. So we headed for the Harbor. After walking and walking we passed a cemetary and got to see Paul Revere, John Hancock and Samuel Adam's tombstones. Finally we get the water and I see a ship. We go over to it and it is a whale watching sailing ship. I ask a lady at the desk about The Boston Tea Party stuff and she laughs and says "It doesn't exist! Unless you want to go look at the water where the boat might have been, been gone for years!"
What?! So the one thing I tried to go show Christopher was a bust.

Luckily on the way to the subway we found a cute little area of Boston and a great little restaurant with Lobster. Yay!

The next morning was Race Day. Lots of energy and cheering. It was awesome to spectate at Boston. Got to see the wheelchair racers, the Elites run by, including Kara Goucher and Ryan Hall. Very cool. I saw some Troops marching the course and many many fast runners. I took a sign that Ristow made that said "I love you Daddy! Now, Go Go Go Go!" Got to see Christopher right before he tackled Heartbreak Hill. He looked fresh and ready to go, and that was mile 20. I was so very proud of him. Click here to read his story.

It was a great experience and lots of fun! We got back Tues around noon and were very glad to see the kiddos.