Saturday, May 8, 2010

Picking Berries

When I was growing up we would make at least one annual trip to the strawberry patch and pick berries. I LOVED going strawberry picking. Between my brother and I, I think we would polish off a whole basket worth while we were out in the field. Our mouths would be stained pink from the sweet and wonderful fruit. Those years of strawberry picking have created many many fond memories.
Today, some new memories were created. My Mom and Dad took Ristow, Jess and I out to a farm about an hour away and we all went berry picking. Ristow's favorite fruit is strawberries, so he was in seventh heaven. Since he is quite the berry connoisseur he inspected each one carefully and only choose the perfectly ripe berries. It was great to watch. I had Jessica in her front carrier and as I would bend down to pick, she would reach out her hands and grab at the leaves. We had a great time.
Mom and Dad picked quite a load of berries, which we all know means lots and lots of yummy jam. Ristow had a berry stomach ache by the time dinner rolled around because he couldn't stay away from his glorious stash of berries. He did tell me that the strawberries that he picked tasted much better than the ones we buy from Kroger. I couldn't agree more, the local farm fresh fruit and the family experience definitely made the berries that much sweeter.
Berries berries everywhere!
Hopefully this is the start of a new tradition for my family. I am looking forward to heading to the strawberry fields one more time before the season is over this spring.