Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Older Sibling

Yesterday, Ristow and Jessica and I were all laying on my bed playing around and being silly. I look over and Ristow is purposefully putting his head right down next to Jessica's feet. Well, babies kick, so the next thing I hear is "Moooooooom, Jessica kicked me!"
"has is really started already?" I think to myself
"Ristow, you put your head there and are trying to get her in trouble." I say as I snicker to myself remembering all the many times of getting my little brother in trouble.
So I tell him, "Ristow I am an older sibling too. I know all the little tricks about getting your little brother or sister in trouble" I say this to him so he knows that he won't be getting away with much since I can see right through him.
But what Ristow hears is an opportunity....."Can you show me some?" he says.
I bust out laughing and say No.

So now at it has come full circle and all of the manipulating blame that I placed on my little brother is going to be thrown right into my face as I watch my son do it to his little sister ;)

Now, don't get me wrong, my little brother could torment with the best of them. He knew exactly how to push my buttons and get me into tears. But after seeing Ristow start this with his 4 month old sister and know that this will continue for years and years to come, I felt a bit of remorse for all of the trouble I got Jimmy into.
Thank goodness we have grown up and are past all of those shenanigans. ;) Love you Jim.


Elissa said...

I think Ristow has a future in stand up comedy! :) Can't wait to chat tonight!

maryann said...

This is so funny and so well written Christy. I laughed out loud and read it to Glenn who really enjoyed it, too. He also thinks you're a good writer with a delightful sense of humor. Love to the family McClintock!

zan said...

oh how the tides have changed;) funny stuff:)