Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Our Newest Addition

Well, after a beautiful week of no arguing or whining, Ristow has earned his "pet".
Here is the newest McClintock - Spidey

Yes, he is a Hermit Crab and I had the brilliant idea that this would be a cheap and easy answer to the whole pet dilemma. Ristow has wanted a pet for a long time, so this seemed like the perfect solution.
At the Pet store, our cheap purchase turned not-so-cheap as we were informed that we needed the hermit crab kit, the food, the coconut shell hut and of course the crab himself. $5 turned into $29 really quick.
Then came the "Easy" part, the instructions on taking care of our hermit crab:
He has to be misted everyday, bathed weekly, the humidity sponge in his tank kept moist, food changed and when you feed him you have to moisten the food and then place the crab on top of it. WHAT?! It is just a hermit crab, this was supposed to be a no brainer.
To top it all off, the sales lady says "You know hermit crabs can live for 20 years!"
So there it is, our new wonderful pet.
Oh, and did I mention that hermit crabs are nocturnal? Great if your kid's idea of a fun pet is watching a shell all day.
This should be good.......

(Though I have to admit, he is pretty cool to watch come 9pm.)