Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Week of Firsts

Well, these past few days actually have held quite a number of "firsts" for our family.
This past Wednesday we took a roadtrip to Chattanooga and Jessica got to see the Aquarium for the first time.Friday, Ristow packed his suitcase, came downstairs and said "I'm sorry to tell you I am leaving the family." He obviously had had enough of Jessica getting the attention and her getting things in the mail and decided he couldn't take it anymore. He said he was leaving at 2pm and taking a plane far far away.
Well, after much reassurance of how much he was loved, I am happy to report that he decided to stay. Whew!
Later that night Christopher, his Dad and Ristow went to the Sounds baseball game and Ristow got to run the bases after the game for the first time. Lots of fun!

Then last night Christopher and I got a great first night of full sleep since Jessica was born, unfortunately she didn't sleep through the night, but she did sleep at my parent's house. Thanks Mom and Dad for keeping both the kids!

Today, Ristow lost his first tooth! He says "I'm on my way to being a grown-up" and Jessica also had a first as she sat in her bumbo seat and ate her first bowl of rice cereal.
Like I said, a big week of "firsts" in the McClintock household