Monday, February 1, 2010

Celebration of Motherhood

Yesterday I went to a double baby shower, though it wasn't called a baby shower. Instead they called it a celebration of motherhood and that is exactly what it was. The women that hosted had set up beautiful and elegant decorations and at each place setting was a small booklet of papers full of wonderful prayers, reminders and encouragement for us women as mothers. It was great.
After eating we played games, but not the traditional games. We had charades and karaoke. Now there is just something crazy about getting up and jamming to a round of Funkytown on the karaoke machine at a baby shower, but it was tons of fun.
But what I want to mention was the charades game. The topics for the charades were all baby activities. The first one was "burping a baby", then they got more involved as you picked from the cup. One woman got " nursing a baby in a crowded library". Another got "struggling with the baby while trying unsuccessfully to get your husband's attention to come and help you" It was hilarious. After a number of these funny but true multitasking charades, it was my turn again and I got "changing a diaper". Relieved that it was an easy one, I acted it out and said "that was all?" Another women wisely pointed out that it doesn't always have to be difficult... sometimes changing a diaper is just changing a diaper and we don't need to worry about the ten other things that need done or that we are trying to accomplish. Sometimes just being in the moment with that one task is all we need, to remember that we are blessed with this time to be mothers. In the chaos that is my house some days, I need to stop and breathe and take things one task at a time, enjoying the moments of feeding, burping, reading, singing and yes even changing a diaper.