Monday, February 22, 2010

11 Weeks and 11 Pounds

My little girl is now 11weeks old and has finally started to chunk out. When we last weighed her she was 11lbs 2oz. After being so worried about her being able to gain weight the first month, it is a relief to see her gaining so well. She is eating like a champ and her weekly reflexology appointments have stopped her excessive spitting up. It is amazing.

I have always been a bit suspicious about things like reflexology (pressure point foot massage) being able to alleviate certain problems but since having my feet worked on during my pregnancy and now Jessica getting her feet done and seeing the incredible results, I am a believer. Luckily we have an amazing massage therapist that works in Christopher's fitness studio that we see. We take Jess into the dimly lit room with the soft music playing and she lays there and gets her feet rubbed, quite the life if you ask me ;) The amazing part is that almost immediately she starts digesting better and the reflux spitting up stops. Don't get me wrong, she still spits up right after a bottle, she is still a baby. But the spitting up that comes 2hours after she ate because she can't digest it properly is what has stopped and allowed her to gain weight!

Truly awesome. She goes every Tuesday and usually on Monday she starts to spit up again so we know she is ready for another massage.
God has created our bodies to work in amazing ways and I for one am mystified at how it all works. But I am thankful that my little girl is feeling better and will recommend reflexology any day.


suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter said...

i'm so glad it's working!

modern medicine is so quick to prescibe medication, etc, and it is so nice to find a natural, traditional practice that brings such great results. you're awesome for being willing to investigate alternatives:)

Jenney said...

Suzannah sent me your way because I have a little guy who (used to have weight gain problems) is having awful diarrhea problems. I will have to look into this...maybe start with my chiropractor?