Saturday, January 30, 2010

Actual Snow in Tennessee

Well, the weatherman finally got one right. We got quite a bit of snow and ice here in Nashville and the pictures to prove it. Last night and today the boys went out to sled and found the street a complete sheet of ice. With no cars able to travel the road it made for perfect sledding. They started at the top of the street and would make it down about 6 houses, it was awesome. I think Christopher might have enjoyed it more than Ristow. They had such a fun time and the ice made the sled go pretty fast. Ristow had a look of excitemnt and fear as he went speeding by me. I think that feeling is what bloys of all ages crave. It was great to watch.

Today Jessica is 8 weeks old and we bundled her up to partake in the snow day too. Since we don't get snow very often, it is a pretty big deal. She was so stinking cute in her little fuzzy outfit, our little snow bear.


Bri said...

Looks like a blast!

suzannah said...

we don't even have snow here! but it is like 15 degrees, which is almost as fun...

glad you all had such fun:)