Friday, January 16, 2009

Quality Boy Time

Now, I have always heard that boys need that special time with the men in their lives to grow and learn and to just be boys. The "Boy" time in Ristow's life lately has brought him great joy.

The other day I went out for the evening and Ristow had time with Daddy, which he basically kicks me out the door and says "We are going to have so much fun, huh Dad?" Their time together was spent wrestling, playing spaceships and inventing a new game where they run around making faces and blowing raspberries into EVERY mirror in the house and then Christopher throws Ristow onto our bed. Fun game huh? Not if your the one cleaning all the mirrors again. (The new rule is that They have to clean the mirrors if they are going to play that one!) It really doesn't matter what they do as long as they have time alone together.
The amazing thing is that Christopher can get Ristow to do housework with him as their quality time and Ristow still thinks it is great.

Ristow also gets to have some quality with Poppy, which is also "so much fun". They have a game that they play EVERY time they are together. It is called Ristow's head on Poppy's pillow. Now the title sounds like a clever game to get Ris to take a nap with Poppy, but no. It is a silly game where they run up to Poppy's bed, play tickle wars and act like real men by running around with their shirts off. Then they run downstairs and Grammy has to pretend to yell at them and ask them where their shirts are, to which they respond "We lost them". Then they run back upstairs giggling.

The most wonderful part of all this quality time isn't the crazy games they play or the silly ways they act. It is the fact that even after long days at work and tired bodies, Christopher and Poppy still make time for that quality time with Ristow. They know how much he loves it and how important it is to him, and it seems to be just as special to them too.


Elissa said...

OH MY GOSH my face hurts from smiling so big reading these stories!!!! You all are so fabulous and fun!!