Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let's Go Predators!

Christopher and I are big fans of hockey games, not so much watching the games on TV, but the games themselves are awesome! In Nashville we have the Predators and Saturday was Ristow's first hockey game. We were all very excited.

We went to a 2pm game thinking that was better than a night game for Ristow. He couldn't wait to get there. Upon arrival we see about 12 mascots all at the entrance greeting the fans. (mascots from all over....Pro sports teams, news channels, even the Wendy's Frosty was there) Of course one thing that Ristow is terribly afraid of is MASCOTS, or anyone dressed up like a character for that matter. So, after covering his eyes and running past them all we were off to find our seats. He soon got used to the noise and the fanfare and actually enjoyed the game and was asking questions about it. We cheered, blew whistles and ate hot dogs! what more could you ask for?

Not much apparently, exhausted Ristow fell asleep in his seat in the 3rd period. I used to worry about waking him up during his naps, little did I know the kid could sleep through even a huge arena of cheering fans and air horns.

After the game we hit the team store and hooked Ristow up with a hockey stick and foam puck. He loves them and I think he is pretty excited for another game.

Another hockey fan is born......GO PREDS!