Sunday, January 18, 2009

Anniversary #9

Our 9yr Wedding Anniversary is upon us. It seems to have come up so quickly and amazes me every day. Last night we were able, thanks to our babysitting swap, to go out to a wonderful dinner together. And, thanks to one of Christopher's clients, we drove in style in their Porsche. Anyone who has tried to fit a car seat in the back of a Porsche knows it is nearly impossible. I say nearly because Ristow was so excited about the car and riding in it that we managed to squeeze his seat in the back, while my knees were up against the dashboard. He loved every minute of it.
Anyway, we had a great night out, time to share our appreciation for each other and just enjoy one another's company. The food was fabulous as well.

Recently Christopher and I have started reading a book together called Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas. We go through a chapter at a time and spend an evening talking about it. It challenges readers to look at their marriages not as things to just make themselves happy but as commitments to draw them closer to God. So far we have had some wonderful discussions about the importance of reconciliation in marriage and striving to build a marriage that models forgiveness, selfless love and sacrifice. The book really challenges you to look at marriage in a new light and really see God as an accountability partner in caring for your spouse. I highly recommend it.

The last nine years have been a wonderful ride and I am excited to share many more wonderful years experiencing life together. I love you Christopher.


Elissa said...

You two are an amazing example of Christ-centered love and encouragement. Congratulations on 9 years - it doesn't seem possible to me either! :) What a beautiful celebration of love that day was 9 years ago, and what a beautiful celebration the two of you continue to be.

TONS of love to you both!